Coming this weekend: Tower Racing!

WHO: YOU! This event is open to all players on Serenity Valley–feel welcome to invite a friend!
WHAT: An PVP/Build event with prizes for all participants!
WHEN: Saturday, December 16th at 2pm US Central time. (20:00 GMT)
WHERE: The exact location will be announced during the event. Everyone will be given sleeping bags in the spawn area, so everyone can start with the same gear.
HOW: See full event synopsis, below!
WHY: Fun! Glory! Prizes!

Synopsis: Participants sign up in advance at
Players will be divided into even teams.
Each team is given a 2×2 wooden building to start, which will feature some starting tools, a T3 workbench, and a tool cupboard with ~3,000 wood.
Each base will start with a door and a code lock that the team can set to their preferred code.
The teams have at least 1 hour to build the tallest possible tower.
They can shoot out each other’s towers.
They can use their own materials from their bases, but no refunds will be given for materials used or lost.
They can use their own weapons, but again: No refunds if they lose something.
Teams are randomly assigned, so members of clans or groups will likely end up separated.
You do not get to switch teams once assigned.
Each team gets different colored uniforms and MUST wear their team color prominently so teams can identify each other.
Changing colors, changing teams, or failing to make their team visible instantly disqualifies the player and costs their team the top level of their tower.
Towers can be built of any material, can be attacked, and can be (should be!) defended.
Twig levels are not counted for progress.
When the timer is up, the team with the tallest tower wins! Each member of the team gets 50 tape. Each member of the losing team(s) gets 25 tape.

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