December 21st Wipe Preview:

Upcoming Events:

Barring anything REALLY unexpected, I will not be in the hospital tomorrow, and we’ll have a fully new, new map. At the VERY least, tomorrow’s wipe is going to be fresh, Fresh, FRESH! With the new map, we have a few things going on:

  1. Christmas & New Year!  We fully anticipate player numbers to be a little lower this wipe, because people are going to, I dunno, do things with loved ones and stuff, whatever THAT’S about. (Seriously, from all of us here at Serenity Valley, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and whatever other holidays you may be celebrating this year!)  For those who are around this wipe, anticipate an increased rate of present drops, increased pill drops, and a ton of decorative items available for purchase in the shop!
  2. SALE: In the spirit of giving, for this wipe only, you can gift a friend or loved one with 2 months of Wastelander patronage for the price of one!  Make a $15 donation, include a message telling us who is getting the gift, and whether or not you want them to know you sent it, and get a FREE month of Wastelander for yourself!  Already a subscriber? No problem! Your free benefits get added to your current subscription package!  Gifting a subscriber? See above.  Easy. (Gifted time is non-transferable, no exchanges, does not gain special Discord access or video support.)
  3. Cheaper Bases: Upkeep costs are being adjusted across the board to reduce the pain of the new Building 3.0 system. We’re here to play Rust, not “Feed the Tool Cupboard.”
  4. Building Contest: We’ll be doing our second build contest!  Just as with the Halloween Build Contest, all players will have the opportunity to create their ideal vision of a holiday home/base/building/monument of their choosing!  With all of the new building and decoration options available to us, this promises to be one of the most creative build contests, EVER.  All of the details for this are on the forum here.
  5. Christmas Tree Contest: Also located in the Events section of the forum, we’ll be hosting a challenge for all players who wish to participate! The top 3 participating players with the most fully-decorated Christmas trees at the end of the wipe will receive special prizes for the January 4th wipe! For folks not interested in the contest, this is a great opportunity to sell those ornaments. For everyone in the contest, it’s a great chance to win some pretty snazzy prizes!
  6. PRIZES:  For both the build contest and the Christmas Tree Contest, there will be 3 tiers of prizes:
    • Grand Prize:  On the 4 January wipe, start with 150 pills, and 1 month of Settler Patron status (Includes access to the patron’s lounge in-game, as well as the daily opportunity to meet and mingle with the admin staff and access to over $1,000 worth of skins, an in-game vending machine at your base to automatically convert your gear into the uniform of your choice, 240 Duct Tape,  custom base design assistance including 1 windmill, a custom landmark designed conveniently near your base to grant convenient access to a pumpjack in-game item, and a custom 1-car garage designed for your base.  Month of settler is non-transferable, offers no exchanges, and combines with all current subscription products.)
    • First Runner-Up:  100 pills, 100 tape on the 4 January wipe.
    • Second Runner-Up:  50 pills, 50 tape on the 4 January wipe.

Rules Changes:

Added to our anti-griefing policy will be the following:

Do not destroy another player’s Tool Cupboard. If you do accidentally destroy a TC, replace and restock the TC with at least 24 hours of materials before departing the raid. Players found to have destroyed the TC in another base without replacing it will face a 1-wipe ban. Should something happen and you’re unable to repair/replace a TC, notify the admin team immediately using the admin-report channel on Discord.

Store Changes:

With Building 3.0 coming along, it’s shifted a lot of how things play, particularly the balance between solo/small group and large group play. To that end, we’re going to try a shift this wipe in how things are presented at the store.  HQM will remain (relatively) inexpensive and accessible. That means it should be easier to armor/defend TC’s in bases, or if you want to go completely nuts, armor an entire base. With the passive defenses of bases being much more effective, the prices of autoturrets (but not flame and shotgun turrets) will increase significantly.

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