Get your motor runnin’..!

…Head out on the highway!

Introducing Serenity Valley Patronage! Beginning today is a whole new phase of growth for our game community. We’ve just launched a new page through Patreon to allow players to contribute to Serenity Valley through a monthly subscription, which will fund our newest initiatives.  For our free players, that means more admins, more servers, and more ways to enjoy our unique community standards.  For our patrons, it’s a new way to get fun new rewards to make your gameplay experience even more fulfilling on our servers!

For as little as $1 per month, players can customize their gear with a $1,200 skin collection, get hundreds of duct tape to use each wipe, gain access to unique base customization, custom landmarks near their homes, and oh yes:  Cars.

You can see all of the donation tiers on our Patronage Page, and from now until December 7th, 2017, each new subscription gets 1 bonus car at any subscription tier, for 1 month!

Planned Improvements:

The donations we have received so far and all one-time donations that people make go to maintaining our current server, website, and console customization. The new patronage system is entirely building toward growing the offerings available through our community. Some new features that you’ll be seeing as our budget increases:

  • New Admin Support:
    By adding additional admin support and actually compensating them for their time, we can get people who are well-trained, dedicated to the server’s welfare, and compensated for their time, so that the need or desire to play on the server is negated. By eliminating the temptation or possibilities for admin abuse, you get improved, outrageous customer service, without any of the worries of fair play being compromised.
  • New Servers:
    Right now, we have two new servers planned, with more on the way!  These new servers will still have a server store created and maintained, and both donors and patrons can choose where to have their rewards delivered in part or in total, allowing them to play on multiple servers concurrently!  Serenity Valley Long will only wipe the map and blueprints when forced by Facepunch! Serenity Valley Advanced will be essentially identical to Serenity Valley Main, but without the newbie-friendly play policies, allowing for bases and raids to be conducted completely without limitation by the rules.  The only things that won’t fly there will be cheating and griefing.
  • New Games:
    There’s a great deal of value added to a moderated community that’s led with a light touch and an expectation of fair play and basic human respect. We’ve made ourselves a home in Rust where play can go on without the hateful toxicity found in other communities–why not have a few other games where we can play with the same expectation of fairness and decency?  While it’s too early to settle on exactly which game will be our next, the community will get to vote to decide which survival game is the next to be added to our roster!
  • More to Come!
    That’s right.  We’re watching how development proceeds in this and other games, as well as how patronage affects gameplay on our main servers, and adjustments and new products and services will be added as the need or desire becomes apparent! Physical awards are also in the works so you can rock your support of Serenity Valley both in and out of Rust!

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