Rust Server Rules

Serenity Valley Rust is dedicated to providing an excellent play experience to all players, from people completely new to Rust, to the seasoned veteran. From builders and farmers to hardcore raiders, we aim to provide you with an exciting environment. For that to work, we all have to agree to some basic norms of behavior. In other words, by playing here, we ALL agree to play by the same set of rules. Since reading seems to be hard for some people, there will be a TL;DR: version at the top of the page, followed by some explanations and clarifications below, if there are any questions past the basics. If you’re not a fan of the more casual, friendly atmosphere that these rules promote on our Main server, then you may wish to find somewhere else to play. And now, without further ado, THE RULES:


General Rules:

  • Hacks, Cheats, Exploits aren’t allowed.
  • English only in chat.
  • Do not spam or advertise in the chat.
  • Hate speech/terms will get you banned.
  • Don’t type mad.
  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Be mature.

Raiding Rules:

  • Just one: Don’t grief bases.  We define griefing as taking any action in a base that cannot be justified as necessary to breach, loot, and exit a base, or to kill the inhabitants. This rule applies only to an individual or team’s primary base. “Side” bases are not offered protection from griefing.

And below, you’ll find the full version  of the rules with some additional clarification, in the event that you’re not put off or offended by sentences.

General Rules:

  • Hacking, cheating, and abusing exploits is not allowed. We hold a zero tolerance policy toward those who would undermine the integrity of our game.
  • English only in chat, please. The majority of our players, as well as the administrative staff utilize English as their native language. Help us help you.
  • Do not spam or advertise in the chat. If your steam name ends in a URL, this might mean you!
  • Hate speech is NOT protected speech: This includes racism, sexism, bullying, harassing, or otherwise being hurtful toward other people. We have a zero-tolerance policy for this sort of behavior. Just don’t.  Attempting to be edgy and see just how far you can push those limits will always result in exceeding the limits.
  • Don’t type mad: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. You never have to be a jerk to other people. If you’re salty take a break, calm down, and approach problems with a level head. General smack-talk is welcome, of course. Just don’t start being ugly to your fellow players.
  • Don’t be a dick:  We’re all here to have fun and play a game together. We don’t have to be buddies to one another, we can have enemies, rivals, and even dislike people simply for being alive, but do not do anything to intentionally undermine someone else’s fun. We don’t mean “Don’t raid.” We don’t mean, “Don’t PVP.” If someone’s playing Rust, they’re accepting that some bad shit’s going to go down. What we mean is, “Don’t be an asshole to people that will make them want to avoid you, and thus quit playing Rust.” This list is NOT all-inclusive, but some examples of things that will get you kicked for being a dick include, but is not limited to: farming people for kills, raiding the same person/team repeatedly, excessive offline raiding, telling someone to quit Rust, telling someone to quit the server, telling someone to kill themselves, intentionally telling newbies things that will get them killed (that Alt-F4 bullshit is stale), hunting nakeds (if you have a rifle and they have nothing but a rock, unless they are actively hitting you, killing them is being a dick), attacking people from/at the store who cannot defend themselves, etc. If you’re doing something to someone else to make them mad, be an asshole, or “for the lulz,” there’s a good chance it’s going to go poorly for you.
  • Be Mature. Seriously, it’s in the server’s name. If you squeak when you talk, and your behavior suggests that you’re struggling to get through middle school, there’s a really good chance we’re going to ban you. Most of us are old, have kids of our own, and we’re here to relax and blow off steam. If you’re going to act like a rampaging crotch goblin, this probably isn’t the right place for you.  Note that this rule doesn’t include an age check.  If you’re 30 and you act like a 12 year old, GTFO.  If you’re 12 and you act 30, welcome aboard, we’re glad you’re here.  Mmkay?  Mmkay.

Raid Etiquette:

If you’re playing Rust, chances are that you’re going to get raided. You’re going to raid. When you get raided, it’s easy to feel frustrated at losing your time and effort. When you’re raiding, there are some things you can avoid doing that will help prevent someone from getting so frustrated that they leave the server. Without players, there really isn’t much of a game, so we want to avoid causing rage quits when we can. These rules are subject to change at any time. Admin staff will do their best to advise the community of any rule changes, but when in doubt, refer back here for the most current set of rules. Don’t break the rules; if you feel that something is wrong, let’s discuss it, find a consensus, and we’ll loosen or tighten the rules as needed.

The rules regarding Griefing and Takeovers apply only to an individual or team’s primary base. “Side” bases are not offered protection from griefing.

  • Do not grief player bases. This means taking any action in a base that cannot be justified as necessary to breach, loot, and exit a base, or to kill the inhabitants. Instances of griefing will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and if an activity is found to be excessive, a ban will be issued. Depending on the severity of the situation, bans may be permanent.
  • Do not block off access to someone’s base or TC. Take your doors with you after a raid and if you must build inside a base to prevent defender movements, do not upgrade past wood. Destroying sleeping bags is not denying access to a base, it’s a wise precaution to prevent getting countered by defenders. If you place turrets to restrict counter raids, that’s fine but they MUST leave with the raiders when they depart the raid site.
  • Do not block someone from being able to build in their base.  If you have to clear the tool cupboard or place a new one during a raid, do not seal it behind walls or locked doors. 
  • Do not take over a base without the owner’s consent.
  • Monument Captures:  Yes, you can take over a monument.
  • Raid Towers should not be upgraded beyond wood in order to allow recovering raid victims to clean up and remove raid structures.  Raid bases can still be upgraded as high as your time and resources allow.
    • A raid tower is a structure just outside of someone’s Tool Cupboard radius used to gain access to someone’s base/compound or place defensive turrets.
    • A raid base is a structure outside someone’s Tool Cupboard radius to allow for nearby respawns, to hold raiding materials, and gather loot before/during/after raids.


Our Admins have a considerable amount of power, which can break the gameplay experience if they use their powers while playing the game. Admins are bound to adhere to a strict set of rules of behavior in order to avoid breaking the experience for the players:

  • Admins shall not use their ability to fly/noclip in order to scout out someone’s base for themselves or any other player.
  • Admins shall not use items or materials spawned for events for any use beyond those events. Likewise, Admins do not/will not create items to give out for any player.
  • Admins shall have a right to refuse service and may decline teleportation or wall-destruction assistance if requests are excessive.
  • If any admin is suspected of utilizing their administrative powers for personal advantage in building, raiding, or PVP, please contact Mr. Disproportionate Response, who will investigate and take appropriate action.
  • Some admins do have play accounts and are permitted to play the game, so long as their admin work and game activities are kept strictly separate. All admin actions are logged, and any found to be breaking our players’ trust will be permanently banned.