Serenity Valley Patronage

Our community functions and is funded entirely through the generosity and passion of our community. Over the last couple of years, we’ve found time and again that our unique community guidelines, non-toxicity, and expectations of mutual respect are rare and appreciated in the gaming world. In order to grow that community and help to spread those ideals, we’re working on taking the next step in Serenity Valley’s growth. With more administrative staff, more servers, and possibly even more games added to our roster, we can grow in new and exciting ways–if it’s something the community wants to see happen.

In order to make this a possibility, we now offer subscriptions to the Serenity Valley game community, which will enable us to start reaching forward growing the community! Subscribers, just as our donors, will receive special in-game recognition and support to make their lives a little more convenient or to help them stand out in the rest of the community. As ever, great pains will be taken to avoid creating a pay-to-win scenario, so that players of all skill levels, whether free, paid, or subscriber, can enjoy the fun, non-threatening community that Serenity Valley offers!

In addition, this will allow us to begin creating more content to aid the community both in connecting with one another, but in learning how to get the most out of their time in Rust, and in time, other games as well! Subscribers will have exclusive early-access to all of this content, as well as special avenues of connecting with the Administrative staff to make it easier to put their ideas, concerns, and events forward for review. In effect, they will be able to help us plot the course forward as we add servers, games, and new features to the community! Check the link below for the most up-to-date listing for reward tiers!


As this is an entirely new process and the game is still under active development, there may be a need to tweak some of these rewards, based on changes to the game, or major shifts in the value of the items provided. It will remain our goal throughout to make certain that our patrons are well rewarded and recognized for their role in sustaining our community, but without granting major or undue advantages to them over other players.


  • I already donated, do I get duct tape from both a single donation and a pledge?
  • UGH! Someone making a monthly pledge gets more duct tape than me, for less money!  That’s not fair!
    Well, actually, it is.  Their duct tape award is based on a year-long donation like yours, but is paid out monthly and doesn’t come with bonus tape as a donation does. Patrons instead enjoy a different set of benefits, such as the bling for their base or access to a uniform vending machine.
  • UGH! Someone making an annual donation gets more duct tape than me and I subscribe every month! That’s not fair!
    Well, actually, it is.  Their duct tape award is based on a fixed amount that comes with some extra tape over the course of a calendar year. They pay a set amount in advance, and get only the benefit of duct tape, rather than the added customization to their base, access skins without paging an admin, or access to a car. The two methods of contribution are balanced around one another to allow everyone to choose the method that’s right and easiest for them.
  • What is a uniform vending machine?
    Patrons who have pledged at the Settler and Wastelander level can pre-select 7 skins for their clothing or favored weapons.  These items will be available to them at a vending machine in their base, where they can trade the unskinned item for a skinned item of the same type, in the style they have preselected.
  • What are custom landmarks?
    Custom landmarks are features including buildings and machines placed at a location convenient to your base, but not inside your base. These areas will be built into the world to be accessible and defensible, but outside of any one player’s control, similar to the monuments already present in-game, but with the added benefit of convenient items being available nearby for your use.
  • If someone has access to a custom landmark, that’s pay to win!
    No. It’s just as possible for them to be hunted or attacked in those areas as with any other landmark. The only advantage that they enjoy in these areas is that it is not broadcast on the map.  As soon as someone has gone scouting and shared that information, the advantage of secrecy is lost.
  • Cars are pay to win!
    No. Cars are not bound to the player, can be lost, stuck, stolen, and destroyed. Patrons at the Settler and Wastelander level must take special care to protect their vehicles from theft and damage.
  • What is the Patron’s Lounge?
    The Patron’s Lounge is a special section of the server store reserved for Patrons, where they have a wider selection of cosmetic items for duct tape, as well as comfort items to give them a comfortable place to rest and heal.
  • Do I have to pledge at the higher levels to get a car/pumpjack/recycler?
    We will be closely watching how these items shift gameplay, collecting player feedback, and reviewing the possibility of adding additional reward tiers to let patrons customize their experiences.