Serenity Valley Patronage

Our community functions and is funded entirely through the generosity and passion of our community. Over the last couple of years, we’ve found time and again that our unique community guidelines, non-toxicity, and expectations of mutual respect are rare and appreciated in the gaming world. In order to grow that community and help to spread those ideals, we’re working on taking the next step in Serenity Valley’s growth. With more administrative staff, more servers, and possibly even more games added to our roster, we can grow in new and exciting ways–if it’s something the community wants to see happen.

In order to make this a possibility, we now offer Patreon subscriptions to the Serenity Valley game community, which will enable us to continue supporting and growing the community. Subscribers will receive special in-game recognition and support to make their lives a little more convenient or to help them stand out in the rest of the community. As ever, great pains will be taken to avoid creating a pay-to-win scenario so that players of all skill levels, whether free or subscriber can enjoy the fun, non-threatening community that Serenity Valley offers!

As this is an entirely new process and the game is still under active development, there may be a need to tweak some of these rewards, based on changes to the game, or major shifts in the value of the items provided. It will remain our goal throughout to make certain that our patrons are well rewarded and recognized for their role in sustaining our community, but without granting major or undue advantages to them over other players.


  • I signed up on Patreon, can I have my stuff now?
    Absolutely.  Players who sign up will be charged for their supporter tier, and within 24 hours (typically within 2-3 hours) their new permissions on Discord and in Rust will be activated, as long as an admin is contacted either on Discord or through Patreon to let us know what your Steam name is. Once everything’s switched on, you can type /kit in-game to access your currency and your windmill, and if you have a reward tier that includes custom structures, let the staff know via Discord and someone will get with you as fast as possible to place your structures/vehicles.
  • Can I sign up for multiple months in advance?
    Yes! Starting in July of 2020, it will be possible to prepay for an entire year of benefits, and you’ll be automatically added to the benefits every month until it’s time for you to renew. NOTE:  Patreon defaults this to auto-renew.  You can turn this off in your Patreon settings.
  • I already donated under the old donor program.  Do I still have access to my rewards?
    Yes. All donors who pledged support prior to November ’17 have had their rewards grandfathered in. A special in-game kit has been created for each grandfathered player in good standing, allowing for an equivalent amount of in-game currency equal to their previous bonuses.
  • How do I access the in-game skins?
    Right now, we’re working on getting a plugin set up that will allow you to access any skins that exist on the server admin account, so that everyone has 24/7 access to all of the skins that the server has worked together to purchase.
  • What are custom landmarks?
    Custom landmarks are features including buildings and machines placed at a location convenient to your base, but not inside your base. These areas will be built into the world to be accessible and defensible, but outside of any one player’s control, similar to the monuments already present in-game, but with the added benefit of convenient items being available nearby for your use.
  • If someone has access to a custom landmark, that’s pay to win!
    No. It’s just as possible for them to be hunted or attacked in those areas as with any other landmark. The only advantage that they enjoy in these areas is that it is relatively close to their base and they don’t have to run all the way to one of the main monuments to access its machinery.
  • Cars are pay to win!
    No. Cars are not bound to the player and as such can be lost, stuck, stolen, and destroyed. In addition, the engine parts used in these cars cannot be blueprinted and upkeep is expensive. While it is convenient to have a small vehicle available immediately, it comes with great cost and can be lost. Patrons at the Settler and Wastelander level must take special care to protect their vehicles from theft and damage.
  • What is the Patron’s Lounge?
    Since the server has changed to modded support, we’re working quickly to recreate the Patron Lounge in a meaningful, effective sense.  This area will be a secure place for players to trade with one another, will have special vending machines with discounted prices for different products, and access to improved crafting benches, as well as colorfully-decorated social areas. We hope to have the new designs updated and available for use by the end of July 2020.