Server Store & Donating

The Server Store:  An Introduction

Running a Rust server takes 2 things to be enjoyable:  People to play with, and money to keep the lights on. Serenity Valley is a server that is run for the community, by the community.  One of the ways we reward those who choose to donate their time or money to the server is through a unique series of vending machines in a safe zone that operate with duct tape as a currency, where they purchase items that help them get a head start, add to their convenience and safety, or are fun items to be able to show off.  At no point will duct tape be able to purchase weapons, armor, or anything including sulfur or explosives as a part of their recipe. We are very committed to avoiding the Server Store from turning into a pay-to-win mechanic.

Alongside the Duct Tape, Anti-Radiation Pills are also used as form of currency, allowing those dedicated hunters and gatherers out there to overcome some of the bottlenecks in the early and midgame by allowing them to purchase small quantities of crafting components, as well as some rare, collectible items, weapons, and other goods that are not craftable and only appear as game drops.  These items tend to be very expensive in their pill cost, so guard well your pills, and don’t hesitate to sell your services and items, or beg, borrow, and steal to get your pill count high enough to grab the items that you want!

Earning Duct Tape:

Earning an allotment of duct tape is simple, and works in any of 3 ways:  Server Donations/Subscription, Volunteer Work, and from the Pill Store.

Server Donations: We offer two different methods to help fund the server: One-time donations, and monthly patronage. One-time donations are awarded an allotment of tape every wipe for one calendar year from their donation date, based on the amount that they donate.  As an added perk for those single-shot donations, the more that is dedicated to the server’s survival, the more tape you get! For every $1 donated, the player will get 2 duct tape, and this amount scales upward until they are getting a double tape bonus!

Donation Tape Award Bonus Tape
$5 10 Duct Tape 0
$10 20 Duct Tape 2 Free! (10% Bonus)
$30 60 Duct Tape 9 Free! (15% Bonus)
$50 100 Duct Tape 20 Free (20% Bonus)
$100 200 Duct Tape 70 Free (35% Bonus)
$260 520 Duct Tape 390 Free (75% Bonus)

(These donation numbers are purely for example of bonus scaling; donations can be in any USD value for your convenience.)

Server Patrons: Another method of donation is through Patreon, where players can sign up to pay a monthly subscription to the server community, and based on which subscription plan they select, they receive special perks to include a stipend of Duct Tape, access to extra skins, special convenience items including special vending machines to change their uniform, custom landmarks, special bling for their base, and even access to automobiles. (Click for More Information!)

A note on the Duct Tape Store contents: The Duct Tape Store’s contents will change each wipe in response to player purchases, and in no small part as a response to player feedback. Suggestions and feedback on product availability, pricing, etc should be posted on the appropriate forum.

Volunteer Work: In addition to money, a server needs PEOPLE to function!  That requires an active community, as well as spreading the word of where we’re located and inviting people to join us. As this is an ongoing effort each wipe, Duct Tape earned through volunteering doesn’t roll over wipe after wipe, but can always be gained. Volunteer work can be something as simple as sending a note to an admin to let us know of an inappropriate sign on a base,

“Other Stuff:” I’m not omniscient. I don’t know what I don’t know, and to that end, you might come up with a badass suggestion for something we need, or have some other way to help us out that I’ve not outlined here.  Message me; we’ll figure it out and make sure that you’re compensated for your work with Duct Tape appropriate to the work you’re doing for us.


  • I donated before this new system rolled out!  When does my tape expire?
    In thanks for helping the community make it this far, everyone who made a one-time donation prior to 2 November 2017 will have their donation amount grandfathered, letting them claim their duct tape awards for as long as the community remains.
  • Can I donate and subscribe?
  • Wait, if these are mostly participation-based rewards, why don’t we get duct tape just for playing?
    Because we do daily giveaways of Anti-Radiation Pills.  If you’re playing and active, you’ll have less need for head-start items, and more need for things like weapons and components, so the daily giveaways will give you an increasing number of Pills that you can spend on more active play items.
  • Duct Tape is just pay to win!
    We hear this one often, and almost invariably from people who haven’t actually looked at what’s available to purchase through the tape stores. Donors and subscribers do receive some head start bonuses through their access to tape, and it does help them to defend their bases, but I’ve yet to hear a compelling argument as to how “surviving” is the same as “winning.” As ever, the tape store cannot purchase weapons, armor, nor the crucial materials to make or recycle into explosives or ammunition.
  • OMFG, Patrons can get pumpjacks and recyclers?  THAT is pay to win!
    These items, while powerful, are not placed in the control of patrons; merely conveniently placed near their base, but in the open, and accessible to all players–just like the ones that exist in the monuments at present. The only difference is that these donors have the option to make a monument come to them, rather than having to build close to a monument. They have added freedom in building, not more power. They still must expose themselves to access these tools, and other players can still attack and/or utilize these locations, as anywhere else in the game world.