Frequently Asked Questions

General Community Questions

  • Q:  Does the server have a public Discord?  How do I join? A: We do have a public Discord server. It’s available at: We use Discord for most of our community communications and coordination, so joining up is a pretty handy way to stay abreast of what’s going on, including game events, contests, and giveaways. It’s also the fastest way to reach the support and admin staff, should you ever have need for help in-game or with the community.
  • Q: How do I open a support ticket?  A: In the #admin-support channel on Discord, type /ticket add (Insert concern here.)  For instance, if you want to report that your base has been captured on our newbie-friendly server, you would type:  /ticket add My base in D12 was captured during a raid  Once you have done this, the ticket bot will give you a ticket number, and if you prefer not to let everyone know what’s going on, you can delete your comment, so others cannot read it.  The ticket is sent to the admin staff, and we’ll be able to see it, even if you delete your message.  Try to be concise and informative, however, as the bot will only let you type 200 characters.


  • Q: How do  I claim my rewards? A: Each reward period (Each wipe for Rust, Monthly for Conan) once you have secured a safe place in-game, notify the staff on Discord, either through adding a ticket or asking in the VIP lounge and tagging @staff, and someone will be online to deliver your patronage awards. If you live in a time zone where it’s difficult to meet in-person, you can simply note what coordinates your base is located in, and someone can stop in while you’re offline to deliver your goods.
  • Q: When do I get my rewards? A: Patreon only bills on the first day of each month. As we’ve had problems in the past with people pledging an amount, receiving their rewards, and then cancelling before billing could occur, we now only provide rewards after the patron has been billed for the time in question.  If you join after the first of a month and would like to receive rewards immediately, arrangements can be made to bring your account up to current via PayPal. Depending on the game you’re pledging to, this may be a prorated amount. Please contact the @admin on Discord for further assistance.


  • Q: When are wipes? A: Main wipes the map on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Blueprints are wiped every 3 months on the first Thursday of February, May, August, November.  SVRed only wipes when forced by Facepunch, meaning the map is wiped on the 1st Thursday of each month, and blueprints are only wiped when major game changes are made.
  • Q: What counts as griefing a base? A: Any activity that is conducted in order to make a base uninhabitable or unusable by its owner(s) is considered griefing. This does not extend to damaging the base or base assets. Destroying someone’s workbench is not griefing. Cleaning someone from their tool cupboard, taking all of their explosives, and then walling it in to make it impossible to regain control of the TC is just one example of griefing. Because getting caught griefing a base can result in an immediate temporary or permanent ban, it’s generally a good idea to just not do it on our Main server. There are no griefing restrictions on SVRed. Completely foundation-wiping a base does not fall under griefing, as there would no longer be a base to inhabit, and typically the resources needed to completely eliminate a base outweigh the benefit in doing so.
  • Q: Can I capture a base that has been abandoned and is decaying? A: Not on Main, no. As a newbie-friendly server, we aim to eliminate the frustration and despair that comes with spending a week or more trying to get established in an already challenging game, and find suddenly that you have to completely restart your game progress. As there are too many slippery slope arguments about whether a base really is or isn’t abandoned, we simply prohibit the action, in order to simplify the process.
  • Q: Is door-camping allowed? A: Yes. Door camping is explicitly permitted. Good base design supports multiple means of ingress and egress, and will ideally offer sufficient cover to push out against a would-be siege. Door campers on Main be warned, though: Once it’s become clear that you are camping a base, if you’re solely acting to hold someone inside their base and not actively working to either raid them or acquire some kind of nearby resource without opposition, you’re pushing the limits of our “Don’t Be A Dick” rule.

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