Frequently Asked Questions

General Community Questions

  • Q:  How do I connect to the server?
  • A: You can find us in the Community server listing on Rust under: [NA] SVG–Solo/Duo/Trio|Vanilla, Non-Toxic, No Grief, Active. You can also directly connect by pressing F1 to open the Rust console, and typing:  client.connect
  • Q:  Does the server have a public Discord?  How do I join?
  • A: We do have a public discord. It’s available at We use Discord for most of our community communications and  coordination, so joining up is a pretty handy way to stay abreast of what’s going on, including game events, contests, and giveaways. It’s also the fastest way to reach the support and admin staff, should you ever have need for help in-game or with the community. When you join, you’ll need to read the rules and instructions for authorizing yourself onto the server, then go to #choose-your-game, and select which game areas you want to access.  Select Rust, and you’re off to the races!
  • Q:  How do I open a support ticket? 
  • A: In the #open-support-tickets-here channel on Discord, simply click on the envelope reaction in the pinned message.  This will open a new support channel just for you that is only visible to you and the server’s senior staff.  A new ticket notification is sent to the admin staff, and and someone will be in the channel to speak with you about your concern as quickly as possible.  This might take an hour or two, so please be patient.  If this is a pressing matter, please note it as such in your message and mention @staff once. 


  • Q: How do  I claim my rewards?
  • A: Each reward period (Each wipe for Rust, Monthly for Conan) you will be able to access your main benefits by typing /kit in the in-game chat. This will let you spawn your primary benefits.  If something isn’t matching or you don’t have access to perks, please message the @admin on Discord, and we’ll get your settings updated. If your patron package includes special or custom buildings, simply open a support ticket on Discord to let us know you’re ready for your structures to be created, and someone will be online to help as quickly as possible.
  • Q:  When do I get my rewards?
  • A: Patreon will notify us as soon as a player has created a new pledge or increased their pledged amount. Within 24 hours of a new pledge and payment clearing–but typically within the first 2-3 hours–someone will be online to update your permissions in game and on Discord to enable access to your goodies.


  • Q: When are wipes?
  • A: The Rust server wipes the map on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Blueprints are wiped every 2 months on the first Thursday of January, March, May, July, September, and November.  The Conan server only wipes when forced by Funcom, which has not happened in years, or when the in-game storyline leads to either the freedom of all of the Exiles, or an apocalyptic event that wipes everyone and every thing out.
  • Q: What counts as griefing a base?
  • A: Any activity taken against a player and/or base that cannot be immediately justified as necessary to enter the base, kill the player(s), loot, or leave will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Any actions conducted in order to make a base uninhabitable or unusable by its owner(s) is clearly considered griefing. Accidentally destroying someone’s workbench is not griefing, but going down the hall specifically to take out a workbench may be. Cleaning someone from their tool cupboard, taking all of their explosives, and then walling it in to make it impossible to regain control of the TC is a clear example of griefing.  Each incident will be reviewed and handled on a case-by-case basis and can result in anything from a warning to a permanent ban.
  • Q: Can I capture a base that has been abandoned and is decaying?
  • A: Not right now, though this policy is under active review.
  • Q: Is door-camping allowed?
  • A: Yes. Door camping is explicitly permitted. Good base design supports multiple means of ingress and egress, and will ideally offer sufficient cover to push out against a would-be siege. Door campers be warned, though: Once it’s become clear that you are camping a base, solely acting to hold someone inside their base and not actively working to either raid them or acquire some kind of nearby resource without opposition, you’re pushing the limits of our “Don’t Be A Dick” rule. Don’t just camp someone in their base to farm them for kills or for an extended period of time. It’s tacky, it creates unnecessary salt and drama, and is all around bad form.  Don’t be that guy, hm?