Welcome Back Again, Again!

It’s no secret, at all, that April has been a hard month for our Rust – Main server. From our old host (gameservers.com) becoming increasingly unstable and failing more and more and more to deliver the performance we were paying them for, to the move to our new dedicated server and our ISP’s hub failure causing lag and an extended downtime, April’s been incredibly trying for us here. I have good news, though, and with tomorrow’s forced wipe and BP wipe, we’re going to see a whole new era in Serenity Valley Gaming.

We have the dedicated server up and running, along with a very positive, very responsive host who is providing us with some DDoS and DNS services, as well as providing us with constant backups and a seamless transfer in the event that the dedicated server goes down. Now–I say seamless, but we are ALL very familiar with the rollbacks that can happen during a crash. That will still be the case with this new setup, but in the event of another failure for the dedicated server, a virtual server will spin up at our host, drop a clone of our save files directly onto a new server, and pair it to our IP address. No muss, no fuss, no lost progress (beyond a few minutes from a rollback) and roughly triple to quadruple the actual server performance we were seeing before April. This means no more limiting AI, no more skipping the cargo ship, and no more keeping you from being able to play the whole game just to keep the server running.

I know that this has been kind of a long time coming, and that I’ve been way too quiet in the last couple of weeks while I’ve been hurriedly getting all of the systems, agreements, and funding in place to make this happen, but barring something truly, unbelievably catastrophic happening, we’re good to go, for good.

As of tomorrow’s patch, the Main Backup server will become a 2 km vanilla PvE server with no global chat. It will have the Serenity Valley branding removed from it as there won’t be admin support there, and we’ll let it run out the next two weeks as a place for people to truly just chill the hell out. Main will be on the new server, with the same name. Searching for “Serenity Valley” will get you onto this new server, and as always, you can directly connect by opening your console and typing:


Simple as that. Warzone will remain as-is until its current lease at gameservers.com expires, at which point we’ll move it to a similar situation as we have now. We’re still evaluating what to do with Whitelist.

Server connection information elsewhere on the website will be updated to reflect the new connection information, and we’ll update the pins on Discord to reflect the new information as well. As always, please feel completely welcome to reach out to me with feedback or questions, and I’ll get with each of you individually as time permits.

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