…And the Winners Are..!

The 2017 Halloween Build Contest has concluded!  From October 19th until now, players have had the opportunity to build their dream base, and they were scored last night by a panel of five judges, scored for Theme, Design, Decoration, Creativity, and that certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi” that tickles a judge’s fancy. We had 13 people enter the contest, and every one of these bases was a sight to behold!

Our Grand Prize winner was KILLSHOTT with a haunted farmhouse.  The design was gorgeous, featuring a log farmhouse, a creepy field of withered corn and lush pumpkins, all guarded by a field of scarecrows. Inside the house was an assortment of fearsome decor, hinting at some sinister agenda in this household.  Where other people might keep a teddy bear or an extra blanket at their bed, this household kept a rusty axe. Tucked away, hidden in the attic, some dark dealings were happening with a coven of evil teddy bears, and the arrangement of the home on the edge of a desert gave the whole place a sense of death and desperation.  All of the judges very much enjoyed the attention to minute details, and we’re very pleased to announce this house as our grand prize winner!

KILLSHOTT will start the next wipe with 3 handy blueprints, scrap, and duct tape to give a nice head start for the wipe, as well as 3 elite crates to get a good head start!

Second Place went to RANDY for his Haunted Village entry.  This place was massive, consisting of ten buildings, an outhouse, and a graveyard! Inside the haunted mansion, there were some amazing features, including a “functioning” chemistry bench, a brick hearth, and a wonderfully decorated mausoleum. This entry made amazing use of deployable items and very much deserving of its place on this list!

(This place was huge.  You can find more pictures of it by checking the contest entry on the forum.)

Finally, our second runner up was TIMBERWOLF, with the Serenity Valley Correctional Facility!  TimberWolf’s take on a Rust prison was absolutely great, featuring security checkpoints, watch towers, visitation rooms, and three cell blocks for incarcerating folks trying to get themselves banned!

A huge thanks to all of our participants for this event–keep an eye on our Steam Group, as well as this blog for our next contest event! There’s more to come, and soon!

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