A Fresh Coat of Paint

Now that I’m finally back and I have some time to put into the server and making thing work for us, it was time to address our face to non-Rust players, or to new folks just joining us for the first time. This means it’s time for a major update to our website. (If you’re reading this, I gather you’re already aware there’s been a change.)

The last design, while pretty, did little to actually drive visitors to the pages they were likely looking for:  Maps, Server Rules, or our Forum. That’s remarkably not cool for an informative website, so I’ve made some pretty big layout changes to address that.  This means a little letter glitter and fancy features, but a lot more accessibility.  It also means that there’s a huge block of ugly color that I’ll be addressing soon-ish, after we get today’s server wipe and new map underway.

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