14 July — Incoming Wipe, and a brief note on server events

It’s looking more and more like Facepunch will be pushing out a forced wipe for this week’s update.  While we’re a little disappointed with how this plays out, it means a few things for the server. Right now, we intend to keep the same map, but some of the rumors are suggesting that the wipe will change how the server generates the map based on map seeds–so the map we’re currently using may become inaccurate. As soon as an update on that is available, I’ll follow up. It also means that our work to date will reset.  I know it’s a pain, but that also means that we’ll all be back on the same footing, with another chance to jump back in, only now with a better grasp of what’s contained in the XP system. It’s also a great chance for folks to get together and see about planning some housing partners, if you’re feeling a little exposed, out there alone!

There has been some rumbling surrounding the weekend event(s), particularly Airdrop Rush. As with last week, we’ll be evaluating how progression has moved forward. If people are already crafting the same tier of loot as what’s found in the airdrops, we’ll move ahead with this event. If not, there are others on tap. In response to some of the feedback we’ve received, I would like to note that I closely watch who is at what levels and what items are already available in-game before I unleash loot in an event. I’d also like to point out that there is a forum with a section for event feedback and a Steam group with a place for posting feedback as well. That’s also the right place to suggest some new events or changes to existing ones.

This by is by no means a suggestion NOT to discuss these things in chat.  I very much invite that! I just also want you to know that I don’t read all the logs; if there’s something that the server’s population wants done differently, this is how to make it happen.

That’s all from me for today!  Love you all–be excellent to one another!

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