Coming together, at last..!

So here we are, just over a week from the big launch of our humble little server, and we’re finally seeing the lights coming on. If you’re reading this, it’s happened:  The website is alive!  From here, folks will be able to find our current server map, buy a copy of Rust via a Steam link, donate to the server, or find the latest news.

As of this writing, the forum is turned on and functioning, but the actual design elements have yet to be applied. That should be resolved rather soon.

In the time since we started this server, we’ve tuned spawn rates, turned the helicopter’s difficulty WAY, WAY up, way back down again, and then very carefully tweaked it upward from there. It seems fairly well-balanced. Right now, there’s a little more work to be done to settle the giveaway schedule; Gina and I will be discussing that in the coming days to make sure that the daily boosts aren’t overpowered/overpowering. We also have a huge and growing list of events that can be sprung on the server in a moment’s notice.

The best news of all came today when I found that I might get some of my free time back from the chaos that’s kept me away for the last few weeks. That means faster updates, more events, and much more in the way of breathing a sense of life, suspense, and chaos into the server to keep things lively and active.

July 7 is our launch date. We’re going to be going loud then, starting a larger map, and kicking off from scratch. It’s going to be epic!  Mark your calendar. Bring some friends. Get ready to play Rust like you mean it! I can’t wait to see what those first few days of intensity look like, and I am thrilled to get to spend those days with all of you!

–Mr. Disproportionate Response

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