Tower Racing is BACK!

For our Christmas in July events, we’ll be returning to our very own Rust Sport:  Tower Racing!  For those unfamiliar with the sport, small teams are given a 2×2 building without a roof, a handful of supplies, some basic tools, and then charged with raising, defending, and raiding against the tallest tower in the arena.  Teams are randomly selected, given a uniform, and unleashed.  At the end of 1 hour, the team with the tallest tower, WINS!  Guests are welcome to watch, but must not interfere. Raiding an enemy tower is permitted, and encouraged!  It may not be enough to build the highest–you might have to knock someone down!

This event will run on Saturday at 6pm, and again Sunday at 12pm, and 8pm, with all times being in the central time zone.

The winners of each round receive a full, custom set of metal gear, AK-47’s, a chainsaw, a jackhammer, and 1,000 scrap. The first runners-up will receive roadsign gear, semi-auto rifles, and 500 scrap, each.

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