Primitive Test Server is LIVE.

Here we go..!  We’ve launched the Primitive Test server.  It was off to a rocky start, but we’ve made it through a whole week and ironed out MOST of the bugs we could find.  Of course, we’ll find more fixes for that through….  You guessed it!  MOAR TESTING! I’ve included some quick information about the current server test and some FAQ’s as well:

What IS the primitive server? A primitive server simply limits the field as to how much research/building you can do, to keep the technology base for the game from getting too far ahead, and making things like bows and melee valid.

Why should I play on a primitive server? If you like faster development for your base, quickly getting all your research done, or just being able to go about your business without getting sniped in the back of the head from 600m away, this might be a play style you enjoy.  Between the shorter tech tree and accelerated gathering, the primitive server also strives to make getting raided a lot less painful.  In some of our earliest testing, it was possible to get a fully-functional base and top weapons and armor in <3 hours. Getting raided here is not the end of the world!

What changes are there from Main? Currently, there is no store.  In lieu of being able to buy cosmetic items, every looted item comes pre-skinned, at random, so that it feels a little bit more like you’re actually scavenging.  There is no radiation.  Animals are more plentiful and plants grow more quickly.

What items are blocked from building/looting? Here, I’ve included a handy-dandy list of everything that is impossible to loot or build:

  1. Metal Buildings
  2. Armored Buildings
  3. Metal Chest Plate
  4. Metal Faceplate
  5. Pistol ammo (all types)
  6. Rifle ammo (all types)
  7. Rockets (all types)
  8. 12 gauge buckshot
  9. 12 gauge slugs
  10. 12 gauge incendiary
  11. Auto turrets
  12. Salvaged tools
  13. Concrete barricades
  14. Metal barricades
  15. Barbed wire barricades
  16. BBQ Grills
  17. Repair Benches*
  18. Research Tables*
  19. Tech Trash
  20. CCTV Camera
  21. Laptop
  22. Ceiling lights
  23. Chainsaws
  24. Metal doors
  25. Explosives
  26. Satchel charges
  27. C4
  28. Flamethrowers
  29. Flame turrets
  30. Flares
  31. Flashlights
  32. Floor grills
  33. Ladder hatches
  34. F1 Grenades
  35. Hazmat suits
  36. Snow jackets
  37. Large Medkits
  38. Medical Syringes
  39. M249
  40. Locker
  41. M92
  42. Nailguns
  43. Python Revolver
  44. Revolver
  45. Assault Rifles
  46. Bolt-action Rifles
  47. LR-300
  48. Semiautomatic Rifles
  49. Semiautomatic Pistols
  50. Riot helmets
  51. Rocket launchers
  52. Double-barrel shotguns
  53. Pump shotguns
  54. SPAS-12 shotguns
  55. Small oil refineries
  56. Custom SMG
  57. Thompson
  58. Reactive target
  59. Binoculars
  60. Landmines
  61. Vending machines
  62. Prison walls & gates
  63. Metal shopfronts
  64. Reinforced glass windows
  65. Large water catchers
  66. All weapon mods except the simple handmade sight
  67. Searchlights
  68. Garage doors
  69. High external stone gates

What further changes can we expect to see throughout the test?  Our test server admin will be running some events, and this weekend, we’ll see a test server incentive announcement, where testers can earn some pretty kick-ass prizes. There’s currently an ongoing discussion on the Discord test server channel about the possible inclusion of sheet metal doors to make base defense a little more easily done. That discussion has started veering into how to mitigate raid risks through smart base design.  There’s also been a call to marry the last test server into this one, and create a hardcore survival primitive server.  Stay tuned for more, or join the discussion and add your two cents!

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