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Our new Hardmode Survival server is available for testing! This is the first of three (or more) servers that we’ll be running player testing and gathering feedback before making it our new, permanent second server.  Right now, we’re testing what we’re calling “Hardmode Survival,” which strives to make the Rust experience a little bit more like actual survival.  Below is a list of the current changes from Vanilla:

  • Buildings no longer fall apart in just a couple of days.
  • Bleeding is no joke.  Don’t get gored.
  • Bullets no longer tickle.
  • Melee is horrifying.  If you stab someone, they will die.
  • Arrows are brutal.  Life is NOT GOOD with a stick jutting out of you.
  • Cold, hunger, and dehydration are a problem.  Do not neglect these.
  • All forms of armor offer more protection than normal–but not as much as weapon damage has increase.  The world is very lethal.  Other players, even moreso.
  • Text chat can only be read over the same distance that voice chat could be heard.  It’s a lonely world, and your ability to hear it is crucial to surviving in it.

The current test cycle runs until 1 March, and as a thank you for players who are taking time to test this for us, anyone who has spent more than 15 hours active on the new server and completes a feedback survey will get to start on the 1 March wipe on either server, with 3 elite crates and 20 pills spawned for them to help give them a leg up on whichever server they prefer to play.

To connect to the new server, you can point your server browser at:

[NA/EU]-SVRust – Test – Survival Mode

Or you can connect  directly via the console by typing:


2 thoughts on “New Test Server – Hardmode Survival – Open Testing”

    1. Hi there! You can reach either of our servers via the in-game console. While Rust is open and at the main menu, press F1. For the SVRust Main, enter:


      To access SVRust Red, enter:


      I hope this helps! Please find me on our Discord server ( if you need any further help!

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