MASSIVE game shift:

Rust has a new progression system coming in October. This is going to be huge. Soon, we’ll use a combination of blueprints, workbenches, and scrap to be able to craft. Progression will be a lot slower, and it will be a huge shift in power for both solo and clan players. It also means that the player economy is going to be far more important and powerful. Playing the game as a peaceful merchant is once again a very real possibility!

The new blueprint system won’t be exactly like it was previously; it will be a hybrid with the current component system, and will require the use of 3 different tiers of workbenches, which will not only offer a buff to your crafting speed, but will serve to limit which items can be made when–so building an AK as your first item as soon as you log into the game?  Not any more!

It’s going to be interesting, and right now they’re planning on it going live on October 5th.  Facepunch is already telling us that it’s going to be a major shift in progress and game balance, and there will be a lot of tweaks and changes while this system comes out, so please remain open-minded and flexible!  Likewise, as the balance and power and costs for various items change and update, it will impact the balance in the server store, both pills and duct tape. I’ll be following development very, very closely and will do everything in my power to make certain that a balance is maintained between duct tape and rad pill economies. Your feedback will be crucial, so if something seems too cheap, too expensive, or inappropriate for paid currencies, adding your feedback on the forum is more important than ever! We’re all in this together, and I am committed, with your help, to make this the friendliest, most violent, most fair, and most balanced server available in the Rust community, but I only have one set of eyes.  We’re all in this together, and I will need to hear your feedback!

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