Temporary Server Outage/Host Migration


After our hosting service continued to pass the buck and refuse to address technical issues with our server, including low performance, missing server functions, crashes, and roll-backs, I indicated that if either information showing that this was not an issue with SurvivalServers.com or a resolution to the problems was not delivered by Thursday, that I would be seeking assistance from the Sacramento Better Business Bureau.

This morning, I was notified by Ryan Pennington, CEO of SurvivalServers.com that our service would be terminated immediately and irrevokably due to “unwarranted assumptions” that this was a problem involving SurvivalServers. He did give us a (very) partial refund of our annual hosting fees. This is especially noteworthy as Giina and I have been dealing with him and his team going back to June or July, almost immediately after we opened the server, and in every case, he refused to extend our hosting for lost days that we had paid for, or refunding lost time in any other ways, up to and including simply adding slots to the server, which is a token gesture, at best. Instead, he’s opted to kick us out entirely.

I’ll have a new server set up and running for us a little later this evening. I’m on my way to dinner at the moment, but as soon as I return, I’ll work on getting funding and will have us back online as fast as possible. I’m very sorry for the delay, everyone!

Once we’re back up and running, we’ll aim to keep the new wipe from tonight until 2 March, and from there, we’ll work out schedules and whatnot, as I’m unsure which host we’ll have or what services they can offer us.

More news to you all the moment I get it. We’ll be posting news as it becomes available on the forum.


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