So, about those Zergs…





This and similar questions crop up once or twice per year. They deserve an answer, and this was covered in part in an earlier post.  In short, we do already have rules in place regarding zergs and zerging; it’s covered under our “Don’t Be a Dick” rule:


A large group of people showing up and working together isn’t not newbie friendly. Moreover, the newbie friendly element of this server isn’t on restricting people from playing the game, but giving people the chance to play the game in all sorts of different ways, so they can learn what parts of Rust work well for them. Some people want to be a part of a group. Some people want to solo. Some people just want to farm and build, and others just want PVP. All of those are completely valid, and all get equal representation and protection.

Being a newbie friendly server is about giving people the opportunity to learn the game without having a 10-year old screeching in their mic calling you a retard faggotjew while farming you for kills on the beach and talking about how recently he fucked your mother. Being a newbie friendly server is about giving people a positive, supportive environment in which to learn the game, it’s mechanics, and nuances. It’s not about protecting people from the consequences of their actions. People, generally speaking, hate injustice, and when a big group shows up and starts throwing their weight around, a bigger group forms and pushes their shit in. This is the constant swing of the pendulum, and is a part of a natural kind of oscillation of violence in Rust. Further, because players are paid in rad pills to play the game, and because items are available in the shop every wipe to help them either skip the grinding of scrap and air drops and monuments, recovering from a bad hit is never that difficult, and if someone joins the game just before a BP wipe, they still have access to resources in order to swiftly put them at parity with other players who’ve been playing through the whole BP cycle.

If what you’re looking for is a PVE server, that’s the keyword you need to be searching for. If what you’re looking for is a roleplay server, that or RP are the keywords that you need to be looking for. This is a newbie-friendly server, where people can come and learn the game in a non-toxic environment, and where rules and systems are put in place to help people to advance and recover more quickly while they learn their favorite parts of Rust. If you’re playing on our Main server and a big group is menacing you constantly, report them. If you’re playing on our Main server and you feel threatened or have been raided by a big group, use your voice. Seriously, this isn’t just a first-person shooter. The thing that distinguishes Rust from so many other games is the social aspect, the fact that you’re dealing with real people, real situations, and things like diplomacy, deception, and clever dealing with people can do more damage than bullets, blades, and bombs.