Voice Servers

Some of our players have been kind enough to host Teamspeak servers that are open for the use of the server’s population! Below is a current list of active servers.  Please contact Mr. Disproportionate Response if you would like to have your server added or removed from this list.

  • CCarlson Teamspeak — Hosted by CCarlson, mostly English-speaking. http://ccarlson.ts3.nfoservers.com
  • Serenity Valley Rust Discord — This is the official voice server for Server-hosted events, and the point of contact for our Customer Service representatives for concerns and complaints. https://discord.gg/aYxarZB
  • Rust Bois — Kibitz’s Discord server.  This server enforces a no harrassment/no bullying rule, and is open to Serenity Valley players. https://discord.gg/VztfAN6