Tournament of Champions

At Serenity Valley, we’re all about helping people have a positive, enjoyable experience in playing and learning how to master Rust. After you’ve learned the basics on our Main server, when you think you’ve got the grit, the skill, and the mettle to prove that you’re the best of the best, jump over to SVRed. Here, you’ll find a hardmode server, custom-tailored toward PVP, where your every action is measured, scored, and graded. In the Tournament of Champions, you compete with your fellow survivors for fame, glory, and prizes, ranging from free VIP status on our servers, all the way to free Steam games and swag from our merchandise shop. In order to join in the tournament, all you have to join is join SVRed, fight your fellow survivors, capture resources, and harvest the skulls of your enemies.


To ear the title of Champion, you have to achieve the highest total score on the server. Points are earned in 8 different ways, which gives you a total score for the month. At the end of the month, everyone’s points are tallied and winners announced. Winners can earn free VIP time, free merchandise, special kits in the following wipe, and an invitation to the Grand Championship with even bigger prizes.


Play 10 Hours 1 point per 10 hours
Every 100,000 wood gathered 1 point
Every 100,000 ore gathered 1 point
Every hostile skull delivered 1 point each
Holding a leaderboard title 3 points each
Capture a resource point 3 points each
Deliver a special skull 5 points each
Holding the title of Boss 10 points

How to Capture a Resource Point:

Water wells and mineral quarries provide supplies vital to survival on the island. Anyone who can capture and hold one of these locations carries a clear strategic advantage over their enemies. To capture one of these locations, you must build an outpost to control the resource point. Your outpost base must feature a vending machine with a name or tag in the Vending Machine Name text, and a large hanging or standing banner to serve as your flag, prominently displaying your color, heraldry, etc, within a stone’s throw of the resource point. If only one outpost remains with a map tag and a flag, that site is captured. If there is more than one map pin or flag at a resource point, it is contested, and awards no points. Water wells can be disovered through exploration or use of the RustIO map.

A Contested Water Well

A Captured Mineral Quarry
A Captured Mineral Quarry – Map Tag

How to Deliver Skulls:

On the 2nd Friday of each month, an Admin will be available in the evening to receive and tally your collected skulls, and will report your score for skulls to Mr. Disproportionate Response. This gives you the opportunity twice per month to get rid of your skulls so they don’t have to be continuously protected throughout the wipe. As population and activity increase, more collection times may be added.


Tournament winners will receive special titles so players can show off their survival skills and lethality. Additionally, while a player holds a championship title, they will gain access to special kits with extra supplies and defensive items to help them survive and maintain their title, which also turns their skulls “special,” making them worth bonus points while they hold the title. These bonus kits include things like healing supplies, blueberries, extra food, and traps for their bases. In addition to these added benefits on Red, tournament winners gain access to a new currency on Main, known as “Blood.” Blood can be spent to purchase houses and cars, ammunition, duct tape, or special items to exchange for skinning services on Main, so players can customize their look and show off the fact that they are the best of the best.

The eight titles given out each month, as well as their prizes are:

  • [Blood Champion]:  1 award given to the top-scoring player. Receives 54 Blood on Main.
  • [Champion]: 2 awards given to the 2nd and 3rd place players. Receives 31 Blood on Main.
  • [Contender]: 3 awards given to the 4th, 5th, and 6th place players. Receives 20 Blood on Main.
  • [Chosen]: 1 award given to a random player who has played at least 10 hours, scored 1 or more kills, and collected a total of at least 200,000 wood, stone, or ore.

The Blood vending machine, located at the server store, will offer a narrow selection of items that can be purchased, but all of them offer a considerable advantage. Additionally, Champions earn access to the VIP Lounge at the server store. Blood can be used to purchase:

  • Duct Tape (20 tape for 1 Blood)
  • Housing Chit (10 Blood for 1 Stick, which can be redeemed for a metal house with a car. Each stick after the first, up to 3 adds an additional level to the house.)
  • Stacks of basic ammunition (Rifle Ammo, Pistol Ammo, 12 Gauge Buckshot) (1 Blood per stack)
  • Bleach (1 Bleach for 1 Blood) (Can be redeemed with Mr. D to reskin your inventory items.)