Serenity Valley: Warzone

Possessing all of our signature rules pertaining to non-toxic gameplay, our bans against hate speech, and a close-knit community, Warzone is tailored much more toward a PVP environment as opposed to SV:Main’s focus on new player experience and more casual play. The Warzone is bloody. It’s visceral, it’s fast-paced, and punishing gameplay.  Warzone is where you go when you want to show your skill. It is a modded server and the mods present serve to accelerate the more grinding elements of the game, so you can get right to work on the killing and surviving. Make no mistake–Warzone is deadly. The presence of kits and increased gather rates however, mean you’ll never be knocked off of your feet for long, and you can exact your revenge quickly, and in more creative ways than ever before. Just remember not to type mad, don’t be a jerk to people, and keep it in the game. Warzone wipes only when forced, with each wipe including a reset of kit uses, and leader boards, giving you a new chance to get ahead after the 1st Thursday of every month. The following changes to basic Rust have been made on SV:Warzone–

  • In-game economy systems.
  • Greatly boosted payouts for melee and extremely long-range kills.
  • Moderately increased environmental damage.
  • Slightly increased bleed damage.
  • Dealing damage heals the player.
  • Increased animal spawns.
  • Increased animal aggression.
  • Looted items all have random skins.
  • x10 gathering during the day.
  • x100 gathering at night.
  • Larger stacks for most loot items.
  • Zombies added.
  • Kits available for all players.
  • Bonus kits available for patrons and donors.
  • Start with dozens of blueprints already researched.
  • Crafting and smelting are accelerated.
  • Airstrikes available with supply signals
  • Leader boards available with custom titles.
  • Kill streaks return rewards.  Bigger kill streaks mean bigger bonuses. Sometimes, the scientists who run the island will try and punish you.

There’s a whole mess of new commands to give you even more control over what you can do, and when used and combined creatively, you’ll be able to rain down destruction upon your foes in ways that they could never imagine or suspect. Below, you’ll find a collection of of all of the available commands and a little bit of information on how to use them:

  • /pc – View the Player Challenge Leaderboards to check your ranking.
  • /airstrike buy strike – Call down an airstrike at your current location.
  • /airstrike buy squad – Call a squadron of devastating airstrikes on your location.
  • /crosshair – Turn on a small crosshair on the center of your screen. This must be toggled off to interact with your inventory.
  • /kit – Open the kit UI and view available kits.
  • /kit list – View a list of the kits available.
  • /kit (kit name) – Redeem a particular kit.
  • /ks – Kill Streak menu
  • /ks top – Displays the top kill streaks
  • /ks pb – Displays your personal best kill streak

Should you have any questions about how any of the features on Warzone work, jump into our Discord and visit the #svrust-warzone channel and someone will be glad to help you with whatever troubles, questions, or feedback you have. To get Discord announcements about warzone, join the #bot channel and join the Red group by typing: ?rank rust-warzone

Kill Streaks!

Kill streaks are consecutive kills per player, without getting killed or logging off. You accrue kill streaks from killing zombies, scientists, and fellow players. The longer you go without dying, the more perks you’re able to call down, but be warned! As your killer reputation grows, so will the hatred of the scientists who watch over the island, and they may send their specialists to deal with you!

  • 5 kills: A supply drop is sent to your location.
  • 10 kills: You are given a special supply signal that can call in an airdrop, or can be toggled to call an artillery strike where it is thrown. To use, type /ks art, and throw the grenade with left-click–then back away quickly.
  • 15 kills: You are granted martyrdom! When you die, a random explosive will fall at your feet and explode, damaging all structures and people around you!
  • 20 kills: The scientists have heard of you and all the trouble you’re causing. They will immediately reroute a scout helicopter to your area to search for you!
  • 25 kills: You’ve intercepted the scientist’s signal, and now you can call the helicopter! Your are given a special supply signal that can call in an airdrop, or can be toggled to send a helicopter to attack where the signal is thrown. To use, type /ks heli, and throw the grenade with left-click, then make sure you have no guns on your hotbar and no more than 2 clothing items on, unless you risk the helicopter targeting you!
  • 30 kills: The island caretakers are NOT pleased that you took over their helicopter strike, and they send a squadron of bombers to saturate your area in bombs and incendiaries! Run for your life!
  • 35 kills: THREE supply drops are dropped on your location.
  • 40 kills: You’ve further mastered your infiltration of the scientists’ radio network, and now you receive an airstrike signal to call in a strike from one of their bombers! Your are given a special supply signal that can call in an airdrop, or can be toggled to send an airstrike to attack where the signal is thrown. To use, type /ks strike, and throw the grenade with left-click, then get back!
  • 45 kills: The ultimate betrayal. You can now call in a squad strike. As above, but you type /ks squad to activate, and a flight of 3 bombers will pound the area to dust. Get out of range before they arrive, if you can!