Donations & Contributors


Hosting the server and website take up a great deal of time and money from a small, dedicated staff of volunteers. You can help them in keeping everything up and running by donating via paypal.  All you have to do is pay a visit to, where you’ll be able to contribute directly to the hosting and maintenance of the server! Contributor rewards will be discussed and addressed following the upcoming 7 July forced wipe.  



These kind ladies and gentlemen have donated their money and time to making sure that Serenity Valley exists. It is through their kind contributions to our community that we are up and running:

  • [CN] Cookie
  • [CN] GiinaGii
  • [TSAS] Spoink
  • [TSAS] Squish
  • Breacher
  • Cool Breeze
  • Cowmash
  • Dark Dave
  • Darth Moe
  • Derek117
  • EvilPickle
  • Killer_Jermz
  • La Muerte
  • MaoRom
  • Mr. Disproportionate Response
  • mr. pepper
  • NewWorldHodor
  • Radiation
  • shitgibbon
  • sievebrain
  • TheBeanBurrito
  • Tim
  • Wishful Thinker



  • Xoim


  • [666] Metal
  • Shurakai


  • EvilPickle
  • Jakolantern


  • Dark Dave
  • Killer_Jermz
  • La Muerte


In preparing for the launch of Serenity Valley, a number of server variables had to be tweaked, tested, and tweaked again. We give a warm, rich welcome and undying thanks to the folks who endured that first awkward month to make this server a possibility!

  • [CN] Cookie
  • [CN] GiinaGii
  • [Salt-Cartel] BatMaan
  • [Salt-Cartel] PLEB
  • [Salt-Cartel] The Riddler
  • [TSAS] spoink
  • Andy
  • Apples
  • BORN2DY=
  • Cheronoby1
  • CM Do Stuff
  • Cowmash
  • demonruler_1989
  • extermination
  • Major Tim
  • Maven
  • Nargle
  • Rustafarian
  • shenanoska
  • ThatDude1115
  • TheMisterBold
  • woodsey222